Kalligrafie-Set Vision Silver

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sehr gut
Bewertung von Voigt Thomas
bin sehr zufrieden mit dem kauf dieses kalligraphie-sets
(Veröffentlicht am 08.12.15)

Great duo: design and value for money
Bewertung von Virgilio Silva
I found ONLINE fountain pens when I visited Slovenia a couple of years ago. Loved the plain design and felt comfortable writing. It was love at first sight and I bought 3 variations at the time, so I could have each one with a different nib. Great value for money as well, since I found that although they were cheap to buy, they are of good quality.
I used to refrain to use fountain pens in my work because I could loose them easily and the premium brand I use at home would be too expensive to loose. And replace.
ONLINE pens brought me back that pleasure. And I found that after all I don't loose them that easily :)
(Veröffentlicht am 12.03.15)

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