Stylus Tip für World Pen, Sinfonie, Icone

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Stylus tip is great, but...
Bewertung von Guy Wade
Nothing negative can be said about the stylus tip. Sure, my first one started to unravel within a month, and I'm hoping it was a fluke. I just bought two replacements, so we will see.

The reason I'm giving this product 3 stars is actually for the shipping policy at Online. There was only one shipping choice. I spent more money on shipping than I did on the whole pen! I think this is because they shipped it to me quickly. While I appreciate the quick shipping, I am not willing to pay so much for it and I won't be buying from Online again if I can help it.

Online should give different shipping options. I do not mind waiting longer to get my order if it means saving money.
(Veröffentlicht am 24.04.15)

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