Handlettering and the principle of pressure and release

You are interested in handlettering and creative writing and design? Then you have certainly worked with so-called brush pens. Brush pens have, as the name implies, a brush-like tip. The brush-tip is rather soft and very flexible. Thanks to the principle of pressure and release, the line widths can be varied very well and with a little practice you can quickly reach the typical handettering style.

The Calli.Brush Pens combine brush lettering and calligraphy

Often the brush pens have a second thin tip. The special feature of Calli.Brush Pens from ONLINE is that the second tip is a calligraphy-tip. That means, the tip is not only thinner, it is also bevelled so that calligraphic effects can be achieved. This unique combination of a brush-tip with a thin, bevelled calligraphy-tip with allows a multifaceted and creative design and combines handlettering and calligraphy. With only 1 product a very wide range of different line widhts and applications are possible.

Calli.Brush Pens, Brush Pens

Go neon!

The 24 colors of the Calli.Brush Pens are specially designed for the current neon trend, with five neon colors. The Calli.Brush Pens are available in either a soft textile roll or a particularly lasting bamboo case. To the ONLINE Shop