Handwriting is in fashion again

The love of writing is totally trendy. More and more people are being inspired and are following this movement, full of enthusiasm and imagination. Everywhere in our day-to-day lives we are coming across more handwritten posters and cards, and slogans are being illustrated. In our digital world, this countermovement is gaining momentum among all writing and scribbling enthusiasts, irrespective of age. These high-quality fountain pens are availabe as varoius sets and the perfect gift idea: Give these writing instruments tgoether with ink cartridges or an elegant ink glass, with brown ink and converter. It's perfectly suited for use as an attractive gift for writing enthusiasts.

Perfectly in tune with this trend

Creative writing for individuality and personality. Writing and design – a cultural asset that is totally in line with the DIY trend and also very enjoyable. A person´s handwriting is something that is totally unique and consciously writing with a pen and ink is a relaxing, intensive experience. The calligraphy sets from ONLINE assist you during this experience.

Three different nib sizes

The special calligraphy nibs in sizes 0.8 mm, 1.4 mm and 1.8 mm offer a wide range for creative writing and designing.

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Calligraphy with fountain pen Newood Black

The perfect set for calligraphy and lettering fans. The Newood calligraphy fountain pen convinces with the natural look and feel of Wawa wood, a soft triangular form and a selection of different writing systems. For anyone who likes to write and design, scribble or sketch. The set contains the calligraphy fountain pen Newood Black with nib 1.4 mm, two grip parts 0.8 mm and 1.8 mm, a converter and an ink bottle 15 ml with brown ink. This set in its special bamboo box is perfect as a gift!